Not all products can be cooled by vaccum so we introduce you to our forced air cooling system, which is a package that is ready to be operated; offers an easy and fast installation, long life and low cost of maintenance.

  • Quick and easy installation, the main part of the system is a fully integrated forced air pre-cooler 

  • Its design improves the safety of your products due to the aluminum diamond or stainless steel designs.

  • Tray inside to drain

  • Designs to suit your needs according to the required capacity and available space.

  • Steel manufactured

  • Centrifugal fan ( turbine) or axial.

  • Sealed electric motor

  • Safety switch knive like

  •  Direct-expansion evaporator of high efficiency, manufactured with copper tube and aluminum fin.

  • Mattresses for reception of pallets.

  • Deploying canvas for the sealing of the pallets.

  • Panel with electronic temperature controller, pilot lights and switches type selector for the illumination of the forced air pre-cooler and condenser.

  • Access door for service. 

  • The interior light bulb. 

  • Thermostatic valves for expansion

  • Solenoid valve on Liquid line

Forced air cooling                         

Advantages of our system

System characteristics

Pre-cooling system for some vegetables and fruits