Design and Construction of Coldstorage

Cooling chambers or cold rooms are indispensable elements in the cold chain and its construction is a critical element to save energy, because  an appropriate design and the selection of the  thickness of  the materials depends on a greater or lesser workload for the cooling equipment.​ We can help you to build the cold room you need, with polyurethane panels autoensamblables or using sprayed polyurethane , we have the equipment to meet their requirements of size and budget.

Auto-ensamble panels

We have autoensamblable panels, which have a system of hooks on its sides. Our panels allow the connection between each one of them in away, ensuring greater and better structural stability.

Insulation of Floors

We have insulation system for the floor, which can be done by polyurethane panels or sprayed polyurethane system.

If you have a structure or area that you want to convert to a cold room, our teams of application of sprayed polyurethane. We can place the thickness you need and the size of area that is requiered.

Sprayed Polyurethane

Cooling Technology      

We work with the best technology for your refrigeration project, we have the support of two global suppliers for your projects of cooling.