Vacuum Technology

Through the use of vacuum technology we achieve to reduce the temperature of vegetables and some fruits to a desired temperature in a period of less than 30 minutes. ​

With quickness and in a completely homogeneous way, one or more pallets of product can be brought to a temperature that is suitable for transportation or storage.

Pre-cooling benefits      

  • ​ Reduce respiration rate of the products which decreases the enzymatic process that produces the degradation.

  • Reduces the loss of water.

  • Reduces the grow rate of bacteria. The bacteria are always present, high temperatures accelerate their development.

  • Decreases the maturation, high temperatures produce ethylene which accelerates the maturation and decreases the growth of the plant.

  • Therefore, the pre-cooled vacuum increases the income of your company.

Easy To Use

All our cameras incorporate automatic operation systems (AOS) that through simple interaction allow operators to operate the equipment in seconds, reliably and without setbacks. Additionally ​ count on with our assistance and technical support to help you in a local and immediate way

The entire system is designed according to your needs, for example; our systems of hermetic closure can be designed according to your requirements and budget. You can count on hydraulic systems, manuals, tires. You are able to ask for your design to have everything you require.

Designed according to your needs

Manufacturing and Support

We represent the largest manufacturing company of Asia whodelivers equipment to the main companies of the sector in Europe and the United States. Likewise, all the critical components of the systems are produced by companies like Blitzer, Danfoss and General Electric. His vacuum chamber has an endorsement from the most important company in the world..


In "RR Productos y Servicios, SA de CV"  y "Fast Cold"

we attend the markets of Mexico and Central America and Colombia, it will be a pleasure to convey to you the best technology available today.

Benefits of cooling in a vacuum chamber

The technology of vacuum or vacuum chamber is considered the most advanced system that exists, therefore their benefits outweigh importantly traditional systems, for example:

  • The pre-cooled timer is smaller, in approximately 30 minutes it can cool from 1 up to 24 pallets, according to the configuration of your computer.

  • The pre-cooled is completely homogeneous, you can be sure that the product regardless of the position of the pallet, has the same temperature, this will translate into a  homogeoneous shelf life and this will give greater confidence to the buyer.

  • The pre-cooled, by being carried out quickly, the flavor, color and texture of your products will remain more time, this will result in products with a higher value in the market.

  • The cardboard boxes regain its strength, being subjected to vacuum improves the cardboard conditions.

  • The system of hidrovacuum allows to rehydrate products, improving their conditions and the weight of the products.

Pre-cooling system for some fruit and vegetables