F-950 Gas Analyzer:

The gas analyzer measures the levels of ethylene, carbon dioxide (CO2) and Oxygen (O2) to help maintain the optimal quality of the product in each stage of the supply chain. The F-950 is ideal for measuring the ethylene production in a wide range of types of safe fruit

Airocide Disposer of Ethylene

We have the most advanced disposer of ethylene. Developed by the Nasa, is the only system that removes the 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, mold, spores and all volatile organic compounds (VOC's), extending the shelf life of its products and preventing its contamination. A mandatory product to have it in any cold room, pre-cooled chamber and places that require avoid contamination of products or seek to extend the life of the same.

F-750 Quality meter:

The quality meter performs non-destructive tests and analyzes quickly the inner traits of the product through infrared analysis. The device allows a customizable calibration for varieties and specific regions. You can know the state of their products in any time.

Easy-Ripe / Maturation system      

It is a system of application of ethylene, easy to operate, highly efficient and reliable, that makes the maturation of bananas, tomatoes, tobacco, avocados and other fruits simple and safe.